Barge William Dudley on the Thames River, London

Talitha MacKenzie has been invited to perform as soloist with the Jubilant Commonwealth Choir on the 3rd of June as part of the Oueen's Diamond Jubilee Thames River Pageant in London (2-6 PM GMT). The choir is made up of 120 people from all over the Commonwealth who will be singing a selection of traditional songs from the British Isles. Talitha will be contributing a medley of Scottish Gaelic puirt-a-beul (mouth music) for the occasion.

To co-incide with the event, Talitha is re-releasing her album Spiorad, for which she has recorded the new track "Spiorad Iain". The album is currently being manufactured and is available for Advance Order on the SONAS Multimedia at the low price of £10.