Lyrics (Gaelic)

Ars' an gobha, "Fuiricheamaid"
Ars' an gobha, "Falbhamaid"
Ars' an gobha, leis an othail
A bh'air an dorus an t-sobhail
Gu rachadh e a shuirge

'S a gheala nam bothan nam bothan
Peithir a bha ann an doicheall
Gheala nam bothan nam bothan
Bothan a bh'aig Fionnaghuala

Bheirinn fead air fulmairean
Bheirinn fead air falmairean
Liùghannan beaga na mara
Bheireamaid greis air an tarruing
Na maireadh na duirgh dhuinn


I am Fionnaghuala
that is my name
You can call me 'Fair-Shoulders'
it is all the same
My girls are all lovely,
some without, some within
You know you can't judge a woman
by the look of the skin
You can't always see the beauty
right from the start
First you look at the body
then you look in the heart
I tell you, fishermen
when you cast your lines
You may think you got nothing
but just give it time . . .

Cha d'fhuair sinn dad an a-seo
Cha d'fhuair sinn dad an a-sin
Cha d'fhuair sinn dad an a-seo
Càil ach roc a' dol 's na duirgh againn!
O nach tigeadh carbhanach!
O nach tigeadh carbhanach!
Mar sin is leabagan glasa
Bheireadh na dubhain o'n fheamainn
Na maireadh na duirgh againn