Wind Chases the Sun

Lyrics (English)

Words & Music by Talitha MacKenzie

Day after day, wind chases the sun
If I could feel that wind on my face
I’d die a happy man, I’d die a happy man

Tate Wikuwa is my name
The Eagle is my Dream
If I could fly, I’d circle the sky
And hold no one to blame
I walk with the Great Spirit,
In my lonely prison cell
I write my verse and work my paints
And wish my neighbours well, wish my neighbours well

They call me ‘Tonto’, refuse me my rights
And kick me when I’m down
But I dream of a day when I’ll be free
My grandchildren gathered round
It’s been thirty years of ball and chain
The prime of my life is gone
Accused of a crime I didn’t commit
After a dark and turbulent storm, a dark and turbulent storm


After years of a Reign of Terror
Over sixty Indians dead
The government lied, called it suicide
A bullet through the back of the head
I went to protect my people, responded to the call
But for leading them to safety
My reward is these four walls, my reward is these four walls

Day after day after day after day . . .

Because they needed a scapegoat
And I’m the one they found
With a trumped up charge and the evidence changed
And two agents dead on the ground
I would have been out after twenty-five years
If I had committed the crime
But I refuse to confess to what I haven’t done
So I’m still doing time, I'm still doing time


Amnesty called for my release
Nelson Mandela as well
But the Silent Majority seems to forget
That I’m still in my cell
Thirty years and counting
And I’m still in my cell, I’m still in my cell