Lyrics (Gaelic)

Ars' an gobha, "Fuiricheamaid"
Ars' an gobha, "Falbhamaid"
Ars' an gobha, leis an othail
A bh'air an dorus an t-sobhail
Gu rachadh e a shuirge

'S a gheala nam bothan nam bothan
Peithir a bha ann an doicheall
Gheala nam bothan nam bothan
Bothan a bh'aig Fionnaghuala

Bheirinn fead air fulmairean
Bheirinn fead air falmairean
Liùghannan beaga na mara
Bheireamaid greis air an tarruing
Na maireadh na duirgh dhuinn


I am Fionnaghuala
that is my name
You can call me 'Fair-Shoulders'
it is all the same
My girls are all lovely,
some without, some within
You know you can't judge a woman
by the look of the skin
You can't always see the beauty
right from the start
First you look at the body
then you look in the heart
I tell you, fishermen
when you cast your lines
You may think you got nothing
but just give it time . . .

Cha d'fhuair sinn dad an a-seo
Cha d'fhuair sinn dad an a-sin
Cha d'fhuair sinn dad an a-seo
Càil ach roc a' dol 's na duirgh againn!
O nach tigeadh carbhanach!
O nach tigeadh carbhanach!
Mar sin is leabagan glasa
Bheireadh na dubhain o'n fheamainn
Na maireadh na duirgh againn


Translation (English)

The smith said, "Let's stay"
The smith said, "Let's go"
The smith said, in confusion
in the doorway of the byre
that he would go courting

Oh, the white one of the bothy
The bothy that was Fair-Shoulders's

I'd have a shot at the fulmars
I'd have a shot at the hakes
and the small sea-lythes
We would spend a while pulling
as long as our handlines would hold out for us

We didn't get anything over here
We did'nt get anything over there
We didn't get any-thing over here
nothing but a tangle of seaweed on our handlines
Oh, if only a carp would come!
or even the grey-green flounder
who'd take the fishhooks out of the seaweed
as long as our handlines would hold out

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